Technological Innovation

Agile Scaleable Experiences Lead to Growth

Innovation Strategies

From websites, e-commerce platforms, mobile applications and digital products, BMG works outside of the box, and constantly innovates and discovers impactful solutions for our clients. By anticipating new trends to meet consumer demands, we work with clients to deliver a perfect user journey, embracing digital transformation for success

Inception to Creation

Our design process is a unique process by which our team creates a personalised concept of the future. By utilizing the latest consumer and design trends, and technological advancements, this concept is then moulded to fit your needs, objectives and goals. We call this the BMG Creation Process.

User Experience

Our in-house design team is able to provide creative support for the user journey. By working closely with our operations and analytics team, we build concepts, website design, revamps and mobile applications that cater to your targeted audiences.

Enterprise Development

We build and support enterprise architecture, enterprise data management, requirements management, configuration management, systems testing, user acceptance testing and independent verification & validation for the top government related entities in Hong Kong and China.

Attribution O2O

Attribution these days is really just tracking different online channels – it fails to account for offline customer interactions. At BMG, we have created Adeqo to integrate this division between online and offline data, and close the loop.


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