The Power of We.

We Believe Ambition, People, Ideas, Science and Technology Drive Performance.

From our first office, above a congee shop on Morrison Hill Road in Hong Kong in a night market, to across 7 countries today, we believe that Ambition, People, Ideas, Science and Technology Drive Performance. Today, the most ambitious local and global brands select BMG as their service provider. BMG aims to drive every brand’s digital future through media, content and innovation as a truly global company delivering best of breed services in every market we operate in. We are deeply grateful for all the alumni of BMG who enabled BMG to be the company it is today and for the new generation of BMGers who aspire to create our future. Together, we can accomplish the extraordinary.

Our Statement of Ethics

We have been privileged to play a critical role in enabling local and global clients to achieve their success for over a decade. We have helped shape and define the digital industry in every market we operate. Our vision and endurance in our ever-changing industry is credited to our consistent approach to managing our business, the character of our people, and our ethical standards. We believe that values and integrity at every level in BMG are the cornerstone to our approach to client delivery and in building a great team.

We are committed to the highest ethical standards. We train and certify every employee to promote compliance with these standards. We believe that if we hold ourselves to the highest levels of integrity, our stakeholders will sense our commitment to a greater purpose. We ask our suppliers and vendors to work with us toward achieving high ethical and global standards. That means we commit to act with integrity, obey all applicable health, safety and environmental laws and protect confidential information. We operate transparently and above board: We do not subscribe to under the table deals, we stand by the highest global ethical standards.

We are committed to a workplace free from unlawful discrimination and harassment. We provide equal employment opportunity to all persons without regard to race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, disability, marital status, citizenship status, veteran status, military status or other legally protected classifications.

Through our commitment in people and ethics, we hope to drive success in all the communities we operate in across the world.

Meet Our Leaders

Daniel Barry, President 

Daniel is currently the President of BMG. As the President of BMG, Dan leads BMG’s growth across all markets. An experienced founder with a demonstrated history of working in Digital Content Marketing. Daniel has served as CEO of Insider TV, APAC’s largest Producer and Distributor of Digital Travel Video Content, and Managing Partner/ASIA of BBE, the Largest Online Video Advertising company in the US.

Michael Lane, SVP of Performance

Michael is BMG’s SVP of Performance. In his role, Michael enables BMG to create digital disruption with macro and micro digital perspectives across all markets. Prior to BMG, Michael served as COO of a leading Agency in Australia. Michael’s career spans 25 years and includes senior management positions with Australia’s largest Media Agency organizations. Michael was a founder of highly successful Australian media technology company Facilitate Digital, where he held the role of Chief Product Officer.

Mick Gibson, SVP of Client Services

Mick Gibson is BMG’s SVP of Client Services, where he is responsible for driving BMG’s customer focused approach across all markets. Mick has been a partner of BMG for over 7 years and in May 2019, Mick joined BMG officially. Mick is originally trained as an architect, in South Africa and NZ and has over 17+ years’ experience in planning from the fundamentals of building, planning and design, through to bigger issues of community and a sense of place across all Digital.

Philip G Chiu, Founder and CEO

Philip founded BMG and is responsible for BMG’s Vision and Strategy. Mr. Chiu is an Entrepreneur in Media, Software and Consumer Products. Philip is an Alumni of the Johns Hopkins University (BS Honors in Mathematics & Computer Science), a Woodrow Wilson Fellow, and an Alumni of Harvard Business School (OPM 50). A Native of Paterson, New Jersey, Mr. Chiu serves on the Advisory Board of Rutgers University.

BMG’s Core Values and Principles:

  • Deliver Anticipatory Services
  • Embrace, Adapt to and Drive Change
  • Inspire Moments of Optimism
  • Be Accountable
  • Have Integrity with Open and Honest Relationships
  • Be Passionate and Dependable
  • Create value and make a difference
  • Be Humble and Professional
  • Be Willing to Share, Communicate and Learn Together
  • Think Beyond and Lead