Our Process


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Case Study 1: Entertainment

Performing Arts Client in Hong Kong

BMG managed the content of over 40 different programs for this performing arts client. We cater to the local audience’s needs and published posts in both Traditional Chinese and English.

  • Posts have experienced a 400% increase in publicity within a week of exposure

Case Study 2: Cosmetic Brand

Campaign & Creative Design Cosmetics Brand targeting Social Platforms across all of Asia

BMG created an entirely new concept for this client’s marketing campaign, including creative designs, ad copies, content and video production, all to be used and posted on Facebook and other social channels. We also set up specific targeting criteria to reach to correct audience across Facebook and other social channels.

  • New campaign slogan, ‘Better is the New Best’, is a hit with client’s customers

Case Study 3: Luxury Brands

BMG has set up the account for this client from the ground up, while designing the entire layout of the WeChat serviced account. We have also provided all updates, posts and full management of this account.


With all the buzz about Data, Efficiency and Scale as the currency of the 21st century, Ideas and Thought matter more today than ever before. Here at BMG, we believe that Thought and Ideas travel beyond media into global aspirations. We believe that Ideas Drive Performance.