Pay Per Click starts at every Brand’s inception.

At BMG, we have over 100 case studies of successful Pay Per Click On Ramp Programs. Here are few:

Case Study 1: Luxury Retail

In 2010, this client had no e-commerce and there was limited awareness of their brand. They wanted to drive attention to consumers that were looking to travel and visit their retail store, and increase global brand publicity.

BMG dedicated account representatives to work closely with the client to provide customized reporting on a weekly basis and optimize each campaign according to KPIs. We also planned a rebranding campaign and implemented e-commerce to help continue growing their account.

  • Manage 6 main promotion events per quarter across 32 locations and in 5 languages, including Bahasa (Indonesia).
  • Successfully capture audiences during peak travel seasons.
  • Maintain high website volumes and low bounce rates via SEM.
  • Link audiences from online to offline retail stores.
  • Successfully rebranded client’s brand.
  • Pre-order now available in selective countries.

Case Study 2: Travel

In 2009, this client only held about 30-40% of the market share in China. Not only did they have a vision of becoming the leading online travel agency (OTA) in China, but also wanted to start tackling the international market as well.

BMG helped define their SEM Goals along with various KPIs, and created a full competitor strategy and technology integration to determine how to stand out from the crowd. We provided multichannel consultations, SEM campaign management and advanced technology to reach aggressive ROI KPIs. We also constantly provided market updates, strategies and competitor analysis to stay ahead of competition.

  • BMG helped provide a 10,000% growth since working together in 2009.
  • Client is now by far, the number one OTA in China while continuing to grow in other markets as well.
  • BMG helped this Client grow to build their BI and Market teams and manage over 80 Million keywords worldwide and US$8 Million in search media spend per month.

Case Study 3: Travel

This OTA wanted to extend their lead to Taiwan with their local brand, and selected BMG as their SEM Agency on Record in 2012.

BMG needed to define their SEM Goals along with various KPIs while doing a full competitor analysis to determine how to stand out from the crowd. We set aggressive KPIs and expanded our Taiwan branch to provide more insights and ideas. We also set up revenue tracking to implement more advanced optimization.

  • Successfully became and continues to hold the number one position in online travel in Taiwan.
  • Continued to grow the account while consistently driving more traffic and increasing their ROI.
  • Successfully hit all KPIs and goals.

Case Study 4: Cosmetic Brand

Client has no previous exposure in China other than on Baidu, and wanted to expand to other search channels to increase search presence and revenue. BMG built a new revenue stream by converting increased brand awareness to increased revenue.

  • Expanded advertising to 360 and Sogou, covering 95% of the search market share in China

Case Study 5: Real Estate

Prior to working with BMG, this client had no servicing on their account, no language support across Asia, and a poorly designed and outdated landing page. BMG was tasked with restructuring their entire Google AdWords account, and apply proper English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese keywords, ad copies and landing pages. We also needed to re-design and produce an attractive and user-friendly landing page.

  • Expanded global reach to 10 countries and increase volume in each one.
  • Regulated methodologies for campaigns and landing pages across the APAC region
  • Organised target clients to those looking for Serviced Offices and Virtual offices

Case Study 6: Education

In 2013, EnglishTown, a subset of EF, had many local strategies and traditional offline advertising channels in place. However, they wanted to expand to the online world of advertising and implement proper digital tracking and analytics while setting proper performance metrics to drive up online registrations across multiple devices.

BMG provided tracking and analytics, while setting up a proper campaign structure with advanced budget allocations, localized keywords and ad copies, and multivariate testing.

  • Increased conversion rate by 122% in 2014
  • CPL is below the set KPI, and has been lowered by 35%


With all the buzz about Data, Efficiency and Scale as the currency of the 21st century, Ideas and Thought matter more today than ever before. Here at BMG, we believe that Thought and Ideas travel beyond media into global aspirations. We believe that Ideas Drive Performance.