Our Process


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The Client: Emerging Real Time Food Delivery WeChat App

Our client is an upcoming food delivery app in China. In this highly competitive business, our client wanted to create a long term brand strategy to increase awareness and recognition of the brand. BMG implemented location based services and excellent user experience to the WeChat app. Today, our client’s customers are guaranteed to receive great food with great service.

The Client: A Wine Trading Company

Our Wine LookUp Concept is about looking up prices in real time while shopping at a local supermarkets. We know that retail is highly competitive so our goal is to create the ability to connect a well known commodity : price, with our client’s back-end systems. This will attract user engagement from offline stores and capture potential buyers so that they are engages in new emerging brands which are not stocked on the shelves of local shops.


With all the buzz about Data, Efficiency and Scale as the currency of the 21st century, Ideas and Thought matter more today than ever before. Here at BMG, we believe that Thought and Ideas travel beyond media into global aspirations. We believe that Ideas Drive Performance.