Why doesn’t your company have a blog yet?

IN BMG's Marketing Blog,Content

IN BMG's Marketing Blog,Content

A recent survey by the digital marketing industry revealed that 72% of companies that have a corporate blog observe a continuous increase in the generation of qualified leads. What’s more, those that keep the blog content always up to date attract 370% more visitors compared to companies. That does not invest in relevant and consistent content.

Such numbers prove the importance of the blog. To raise the authority of a company on the internet and increase its business opportunities. But if you are still not convinced that you should invest in this strategy, follow the next information:

1- Better positioning on Google

Having a blog with interesting articles for your audience is one of the secrets to reaching the best positions on the search pages. This is because the main criteria for indexing Google is the quality and frequency of content published within a website. Thus, the organic traffic of companies that have a blog is significantly higher when compared to those that do not.

2- More credibility

When creating a blog with tips, trends and news, it is possible to offer enlightening information that facilitates the customer’s shopping journey. In practice, this channel helps to establish closer communication with each consumer. Even if he is not yet prepared to purchase your product.

In other words, the blog helps to build the credibility of your brand, ensuring that consumers remember your product when it is finally time to buy it.

3- Continuous interaction

The blog is an excellent tool for keeping in touch with new and old customers. After all, it promotes an engaging and spontaneous dialogue, encouraging consumers to follow the new publications of your company.

However, for this “interactive effect” to occur, it is necessary to integrate the blog into a newsletter register. Where the client will authorize the sending of new publications, news, offers and informational materials.

4- More results on social networks

With a blog, it is possible to innovate your posts on social networks. Publishing not only short sentences with images, but also calls for your articles. In addition to enhancing the content of your fan page, posts with reading calls encourage social sharing. And, consequently, the dissemination of your brand.

5- Permanent presence

Unlike traditional media like TV, banners and flyers, the blog is a channel of constant visibility. Stop and think: if you stop running a television advertisement, your presence in this media will be non-existent.

However, if you decide to pause blog posts, the old content will remain there, attracting new visitors. Of course, an updated blog will always bring better results, however, old publications will never be a lost investment.

Now that you know all the benefits of having a corporate blog, how about scheduling a digital marketing consultancy with BMG? Get in touch to know more!