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Attribute-based Audiences Lead to Growth


Automated decisions based on data improves efficiency in ad buying. The very definition of programmatic – automated buying and selling of ad inventory – implies efficiency. The Artificial Intelligence backed DSP technology analyses available inventory, refines optimization models, and can place real-time bids. Real-time bidding (RTB), a form of programmatic, allows advertisers to buy display at the impression level in an auction environment. That is, programmatic advertising.

Programmatic also offers advertisers more control through frequency capping across inventory sources and the ability to optimize budgets across campaigns. Lastly, transparency of media costs, vendor fees, and where ads appear gives advertisers the peace of mind that is not possible with a “black box” buying platform. Programmatic advertising simply makes sense from an efficiency, ROI, audience and creative perspective.

Drive ROI With Better Targeting and Deliver Dynamic Digital Experiences

Drive ROI With Better Targeting and Deliver Dynamic Digital Experiences

Drive ROI With Better Targeting and Deliver Dynamic Digital Experiences

It’s impossible to talk about results in the ad business without focusing on audiences. Improved audience targeting and increased ROI are the top two benefits of programmatic. However, getting the right message to the right consumer at the right time and in the right context, to drive a conversion at the lowest price is the goal of every marketer. Therefore, accomplishing this goal means making use of all available data sources. And that’s BMG’s programmatic advertising offering you!

A data management platform (DMP) allows marketers to create audience segments based on their own website visitors and offline customer data. Combining them with partner data and third-party sources will do as well. Precise targeting of segments across channels, devices, and inventory sources results in improved ROI. The addition of multi-dimensional portfolio modelling, predictive modelling, and simulations further. Programmatic advertising is the key to improve results through smarter budget allocation and bidding.

A highly targeted audience does not guarantee positive results without highly targeted creative research. When marketers use all the available data sources to understand the customer journey, they can deliver relevant messages across channels related to the context and the stage in the buying cycle. Connecting data that has existed in siloes via site analytics, CRM, and POS systems to advertising and marketing data is the key to unlocking the power of programmatic. And that is what we say, the future of online advertising – programmatic advertising!

Display Retargeting

BMG will help you retarget to the right audiences. Those who have come across your website in the past but did not convert.

Contextual Advertising

BMG can help you reach specific audiences through keyword targeting on various website contextually so the content on a website. That is to say, we will scan through the given website and if the keyword that you’ve selected is part of the content, your display ad may be shown.


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