Local Resonance


At BMG, We believe in local markets. Our Customers, like your customers, have a special place in our hearts, just like they do in yours. The most loyal customers are won locally in the store, throughout the day and at night. In this ever globalized society, we believe that our neighborhoods, where local businesses first began, is the focal point of every intimate customer experience.

Through a mix of Local Store Marketing (LSM), Hyper Local Targeting, Wikipedia, Business Listings, BMG optimizes the local marketing mix for your business. From the Hotpot Store on West Nanjing Road in Jingan, Shanghai, to the Congee Store on Morrison Hill Road in Wanchai, to the Bubble Tea Shop in Xinyi, to the Cupcake Store on 5th Avenue, we support and believe in our neighborhoods and we will help you drive customers back to your store.
#LocalWins #LocalAdvocates


We believe that with all the buzz about Data, Efficiency and Scale as being the currency of the 21st centuries, ideas and thought matter more today than ever before. It is here at BMG where we believe that Thought and Ideas travel beyond media into global aspirations. We believe that Ideas Drive Performance.


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