Humanization Of The Brand: Does It Really Help To Sell More?

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IN BMG's Marketing Blog,Content

Have you ever stopped to think about how close your brand is to your audience? Is there a relationship of closeness, with understanding, desires, and expectations or is it just a link of purchase and sale? The humanization of the brand is to seek a more intimate relationship with its consumers. Making it more interactive and, thus, getting closer to its customer through understanding, desires, feelings, and expectations.

Do you want to know more about how the humanization of your brand can help? Continue reading our article and check it out!

The Path Is The Humanization Of The Brand

Day after day people is becoming increasingly critical, both with society and politics and with issues that previously went unnoticed. See how beer advertisements have changed in a few years, for example. People reinvent themselves, what was previously veiled is no longer accepted. It is a natural evolution of our society.

In order to meet this trend and remain firm in the market, brands should increasingly seek to focus on proximity to their customers. Not only to maintain the buying and selling relationship but to create something bigger, with a partnership of shared actions and causes. The humanization of the brand seeks to combine the wishes, expectations, and ethical guidelines of customers with the company in question.

How about the interaction of your brand with your consumers via social networks? Have you noticed how active Netflix is ​​in responding to your audience in a relaxed way? Actions like this create bonds that cannot be bought and generate expressive results in the long run! In addition, they stand out from the competition! Of course, the consumer will purchase the brand products that interact with him, that answer his daily questions, even though they may seem not so important.


A closer relationship with your customer generates trust and credibility vis-à-vis the market, which, as a result, will result in a higher loyalty rate. Using a profile on social networks is a great way to get closer to your target audience. It is not enough to just maintain a profile on Facebook, Instagram, or similar. To generate a relationship of trust, it is necessary to respond to comments made by betting on the interactivity of the parties, generating interaction, and showing that the public is very important for the brand.


Is your brand aligned with the values ​​that your target audience shares? Supporting social causes that involve minorities and actively engaging against macho, homophobic, racist agendas, among others, in addition to being expected is a good way of humanizing the brand.

For your business to be socially engaged, it is necessary that your team of employees is as diverse as possible, only then will it be possible to see all the differences and set up, in the most comprehensive way, your value chain. It is important to make it clear that it is not recommended that the brand gets involved with controversial topics, such as religion or even football. Express the brand values while respecting everyone’s rights!


Everyone has a memory created by a brand, be it an advertisement that became very famous or an event that positively or negatively marked a certain period. Usually, positive memories are charged with unique, personal nostalgia. Do you remember the Coca Cola? Probably, if you were born in the 90s, you saw this commercial a lot and even today it associates the brand with the product!

How many times have you been to the market and asked for soft drinks? I believe never! But I bet you always get coke! Of course, this makes the sales of this product huge, as it is marked in the memory of consumers and is passed on for generations!

Coca-Cola also uses souvenirs a lot in its commercials. Have you noticed that the advertisements, especially when Christmas time comes, always show the family reunion with a bottle of soda in the middle? It is a way to generate association in the public with a pleasant moment, a good memory.

The use of mascots

Ah, the mascots! Most of the time they are cute, cool, and have a unique look. They are intended to bring the company closer to the target audience in a more friendly and loving way and are great contributors to the humanization of the brand. In addition, they help to increase the popularity of the brand. Who doesn’t remember the mouthpiece of Royal gelatin, Tony The Tiger from Sucrilhos by Kellogg’s, the Quik Bunny from the late Nesquik from Nestlé, or Ronald McDonald from the McDonald restaurant chain?

An investment issue

The humanization of the brand does not happen overnight, but it does not have to be difficult to achieve. Creating a mascot, setting up a profile on social networks, and devising the necessary strategies to promote the close relationship between brand and customer requires the support of companies with advertising know-how.

Having a good marketing consultancy will help you raise the profile of your target audience, as well as their desires, expectations, and the way they want to communicate. From there your social networks will be set up and your mascot created. Investing in this type of advertising will generate a great return on sales by reaching new audiences and an intimate relationship with those who already know the company. This also increases the number of referrals from new customers.

Therefore, we saw that the humanization of the brand is an extremely important process and that it brings important competitive advantages. A better relationship with customers and good positioning are not born overnight, but can have effects on several generations!

Remember that all of these strategies work best with the help of a specialized company. So, if you want to be successful, contact our team now, and let’s create a good action plan!