Digital marketing agency: why should you hire one?

IN BMG's Marketing Blog,Content

IN BMG's Marketing Blog,Content

Most companies already know the importance of investing in a digital marketing strategy with a well-planned design, content, and SEO project. The big question, however, is how to do it all. Hiring in-house professionals or outsourcing work to a digital marketing agency?

This can be a difficult question to answer. So we decided to present three circumstances in which a marketing agency is always the best solution.

1- You need to focus on the fundamental activities of the company

Manage teams, supervise production, and schedule meetings. Most directors and managers of companies need to take care of the basic tasks of the production chain. And there is almost no time to think about planning, executing, and analyzing a digital marketing strategy.

When you have a specialized inbound marketing agency, you will not need to spend time or mental energy to develop digital campaigns. On the contrary: you will have more free hours, while a team of experts takes care of your success on the internet.

2- You already tried to do something, but nothing goes as expected

The calendar already marks the end of the month and when looking at your digital marketing planning you realize that everything is late. The site is still out of date, social networks are “on the fly” and their Pay-Per-Click campaign is not converting.

This is a common situation in many companies. Since the internal marketing department is almost always unable to reconcile “traditional” dissemination actions with digital actions. Sometimes time, knowledge, or really engaged people are lacking. In these circumstances, the ideal is to seek an agency as soon as possible to ensure the consistency of your strategy.

3- You need to get real returns on your investment

Due to the financial crisis, the majority of companies had to reduce funds allocated to marketing and advertising. And even with a smaller budget, it is necessary to achieve the best possible result. Since in times of turbulent economy no one aims to invest in stocks that bring little or no results.

Fortunately, a digital marketing agency can extract the best performance from an online campaign. Even when the budget is limited. That’s because a team of experts knows exactly how to optimize ads and content actions. So that they become competitive and result in excellent conversion rates.

If you have identified with at least one of the situations listed above, it may be time to schedule an appointment with BMG. We are a complete digital marketing agency with an emphasis on SEO, content, and ads. Contact us and learn more!