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Data Driven Science

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Data Science

Data is Today’s Currency: it is ubiquitous and the definitive anecdote for all decisions. At BMG, we have taken this concept of Data Science and applied it to real world of Marketing. Through a mix of R Programming Based Solutions, Statistics, Analytics and our SaaS Product Adeqo, we will discover for you that which you may not know yourself, backed by predictive analytics. At BMG, We apply regression models to different data sources to create a predictive outcome of potentially interested audiences. Imagine that we can actually tell with near statistically accuracy the likelihood your product will sell and the audience which will buy it on that one summer day. Yet, Data Science doesn’t have to be a random set of jargon; it can be useful and, while complex, a data informed model, can guide you to make the right decision.


With all the buzz about Data, Efficiency and Scale as the currency of the 21st century, Ideas and Thought matter more today than ever before. Here at BMG, we believe that Thought and Ideas travel beyond media into global aspirations. We believe that Ideas Drive Performance.