Why advertising on Bing? Get here the 10 reasons!

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Nowadays the internet has acquired a presence so active in people’s daily lives that practically all social spheres are influenced by them. One of these areas is the world of digital marketing. The internet has enabled the growth of online advertising and, because of that, several platforms have already appeared in order to promote and enable the advancement of this medium. One of these platforms is known as Bing Ads.

In the USA, for example, 32.6% of internet searches are already done through the Bing search engine. And in the UK, searches with Bing have already been done with more than 25% of the market.


300% increased Bing searches in two years

More and more users are encouraged to use the Bing search engine. In fact, over 11 trillion searches are carried out annually on Bing worldwide. And that implies that for many companies, advertising on Bing can be a vein that drives their growth, visibility and popularity.

Therefore, in this article we wanted to make a list of the main advantages of advertising your company in the Bing search engine.

10 Reasons Why You Should Do Bing Advertising


  1. Your potential client uses Microsoft: If your potential clients consume Microsoft products such as Internet Explorer or the Windows 10 wizard, Cortana, your client is searching in the Bing search engine, although they may not be aware of it. Keep in mind that Bing is the Microsoft search engine. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is the default search engine for all Microsoft products such as Windows, Xbox, Office, etc. And if you consider that, currently, more than 400 million devices in the world use Windows 10, you can check the growth potential of searches in Bing.
  2. Your client does voice searches with Siri: If your client is from Apple, and usually does voice searches through Siri either on their iPhone or on their Macbook, your client is using the Bing search engine, although they may not know it. Also, keep in mind that voice searches are increasingly the order of the day. And it is that, with the internet of things, wearables, smart watches, etc. Voice searches on the internet is a growing trend. So much so that it is estimated that by 2020 50% of searches will be by voice.
  3. Alexa and Amazon use the Bing search engine: Two internet giants such as Alexa, a company dedicated to the analysis and collection of data on web traffic, and Amazon, the North American e-commerce giant, use the Bing search engine. Since 2012, Amazon uses Bing as the default search engine on its Kindle reading devices and Alexa uses Bing to carry out its searches.
  4. Audience is more segmented: Another advantage of having a smaller search market is that it is more segmented. The Bing user is a more senior user with a medium-high purchasing power. A study by ComScore shows that the user who uses the Bing search engine spends 143% more online than the average internet user. But, in addition, the same study reveals that the Bing user spends 43% more than Google users worldwide. This segmentation data is very good news for companies that know their potential audience and their buyer persona and that coincides with that of Bing since they can maximize their digital marketing campaigns with less economic investment.
  5. Advertising 3 in 1: Another great benefit of advertising in the Bing search engine is in its network, since it has agreements with various partners so that the ads reach the widest possible audience. Therefore, if you advertise on Bing Ads, your company’s ads will appear in the Bing search engine and also the Yahoo directory as well as AOL, Apple, MSN, Skype, Outlook, Infospace, Ad MarketPlace, CBS Interactive, WSJ , Ecosia, Gumtree … so you will be increasing the visibility of your campaigns and, therefore, the visibility of your brand exponentially.
  6. More profitable: By having less competition, it makes the CPC (Cost per click) lower than the ads on Google. If we analyze the cost per click in different industries such as the automotive, health or retail industries, we find that the CPC is lower than Adwords by up to -61% with a CTR (ratio of clicks received per times that the ad/word has been shown) on average higher than the same industries in Adwords. This means that if we have a good online strategy and have created a good advertising campaign in Bing Ads, for the same budget we will obtain more performance with a cost per conversion much lower than in Adwords.
  7. Most Visible Ads: Unlike Adwords, which divides your ad field into two lines of 35 characters each line, Bing Ads allows you to include a single line of up to 71 characters in your ads. This implies that it is not necessary to juggle to create meaningful phrases that allow us to explain what we sell or offer in the ad.
  8. Side Ads: Google recently removed the ads on the right side of its results ranking. However, Bing allows advertising on the right side, a space that has great natural visibility since we read in the form of a Z, and the upper right is usually a regular center of visual attention.
  9. You can designate a monthly budget: Bing Ads allows us to assign a monthly budget for our campaigns. This way it is much easier to limit the budget of each campaign.
  10. You can import your Adwords campaigns: If you already work with Adwords, Bing allows you to import your Adwords campaigns so that the migration of the content of your campaigns is a breeze.

Now, Do you want to advertise your company on Bing? Write to us and we will help you create and optimize your advertising campaigns in Bing  so that you get the most out of your investment.


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