What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and what is the relationship with SEO?

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Making a business thrive in an increasingly competitive market is no easy task. With thousands of businesses fighting over the same consumers. Investing in online advertising has never been more important. You probably heard of SEM and SEO, however, do you really know what they are? 


Understanding what Search Engine Marketing SEM and SEO are! Essential for those looking to guarantee not only the survival of an enterprise but also its prosperity. If you want an effective way to promote your products or services. And grow in the online world, reading this article is important. Let’s dive in.


What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?


These days, you mat hear more SEO over than SEM. SEM is the set of practices that aim to advertise a business through good positioning on the search engine result pages ( SERP’s ). There are two work formats: paid, pay-per-clicks, and free, known as search engine optimization (SEO).


The operation of PPC is based on bidding on the keywords sought by the buyer persona of the business. Thus, when the potential consumer searches for a term of interest in search engines like Google or Bing. The company’s ads will be the first to appear, along with the organic results displayed on the page. This type of ad can be published in several formats: some are short phrases. Others appear as a list of products and there are those that go deeper into a certain product, bringing information such as price and reviews.


The biggest strength of investing in search engine positions is offering advertisers the opportunity. They help show their ads to potential consumers. At the exact point of the shopping journey when they are most likely to consume. For this reason, it is an unmatched strategy for all businesses. that want to grow in the digital world fast.


What are the differences between SEM and SEO?


In general, the “SE” that SEM and SEO shared, means “Search Engine”. SEM refers to the set of practices carried out online to appear prominently in search engines. This practice is divided into two methods: paid search (ads) and organic search (SEO).


SEO – Search Engine Optimization


These are actions aimed at building pages and content of extreme relevance associated with a certain keyword. Thus, the site appears organically in SERP’s. The greater its relevance, the better the placement on sites like Google and Bing.


Apart from SEM, SEO definitely should be part of a complete marketing strategy as well. This is a key part of getting a good SEM strategy.


The main actions of an SEO strategy are:


  • define optimization goals (organic traffic generation, impressions, conversions, links, bounce rate, and length of stay);
  • choose the keywords that should be ranked;
  • investigate the competition;
  • perform a site audit to identify its performance, responsiveness, content quality, speed, and relevance of the domain;
  • publish optimized content with pre-established frequency and periodicity.


How to make a good campaign on paid channels?


The main objective of a company that invests in ads on search engines is to make sure that it will be displayed to the audience. And most likely to consume their products or services. For this to happen, it is necessary to be aware of the best practices associated with this strategy.


Invest in long-tail keywords


The more specific the keyword you choose for your ad, the less competition there is, and the more likely you are to reach the user you really want.


Think globally, act locally


One of the best pay-per-click ads strategies is to create campaigns that talk to the specific audience in each region you want to reach. (Read more about our Programmatic advertising & Programmatic ad buying)


Let’s say you own a real estate company in the new york neighborhoods. If you bid on keywords like “three-bedroom apartment in Astoria.” And “three-bedroom apartment in Flushing.” it is more likely that the consumer impacted by the second term be more likely to close a deal because the search is more specific.


In addition, bids for each keyword may vary according to the region you want. Therefore, it is recommended to create wide-ranging campaigns. Only for products that, in fact, have large-scale appeal.


Watch your tone of voice


It is very common for marketers to be very concerned about the relevance of the ad that will be displayed on SERPs. In fact, this concern is valid. However, you should not forget what happens after the campaign piece is clicked.


It is very important that there is a synergy between the content displayed and the landing page associated with it. Since it is this last piece that will be responsible for the final conversion. Whether the lead in opportunity or the opportunity in the customer.


Customize the ads according to the search device used


Don’t forget to analyze the performance of your ads on mobile devices. More than having responsive pages, it is necessary to be aware of consumer psychology that is on a desktop or a cell phone.


The smartphone user is usually in a hurry and wants the information quickly in order to take action. Those who are on a desktop have more time and look for detailed information. Landing pages need to take these points into account.


Target the top positions in search engines


It is very common to want your business to appear in the first position among sponsored ads. However, consumer behavior in relation to paid media is not the same as that of organic traffic.


Research shows that the top four positions generate excellent results. This is due to the fact that users do not click on a paid ad just for their position, but for the relevance and affinity with the content.


Enlist the help of experts in your SEM strategy


Digital marketing strategies need to be assertive to generate results. The online world is competitive, and that resources are not spent on anything is important to listen to those who understand the subject.


Be sure to look for specialized agencies and companies to formulate campaigns that bring the desired results.


Understanding what Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is! The best way to build strategies that generate good results on the largest online advertising platform in the world, Google. A correct strategic mix of actions aimed at high organic and paid positions in search engines. It is the way to make your company’s audience find you easily.


Did you like tips? If you want to enhance the conversion of opportunities for your business and want to do this in the online world, contact us.