The Importance Of Digital Marketing For International Expansion

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International business expansion is a great way for companies that want success. When reaching new markets, it is possible to reduce the impacts that any change in the economy can generate.


Companies that have international ramifications. Such as exporting, are able to circumvent economic crises more easily.


But, as expected, this is not a simple task and requires a lot of planning and preparation. Also to the right tools. To achieve success, digital marketing can be a great ally.


Next, better understand the importance of this strategy and learn how to use it !


1. Digital Marketing For International ExpansionWhen it comes to preparing the company to expand to the international market. It means that it will go through two equally important and complex processes: the growth in performance and the search for a new consumer market.


To understand this, consider that you will not neglect the national market. So, not only do you intend to produce and sell more, you will do so for a completely new market.


This expansion can be easier with digital marketing. That sets the stage” so that the business can start this new venture. In general, appropriate digital marketing strategies help the international expansion of the enterprise. Because they offer some benefits. Let’s go to some of them:


1.1 Raises The Impact Of The Business

A well-designed digital marketing strategy can help to position the business in a very relevant way. This makes the project stand out from the competition. Besides to contributing to increasing engagement with the public.


Eventually, this makes the business more impact in general. Also from the point of sale but also from recognition. And issues that can make the customer more easily notice the presence of the brand including the international customer.


Imagine, for example, a businessman who sells a certain product and plans to start its international expansion. Having an adequate strategy on the internet, he is able to attract and engage more and more potential consumers in the market he wants to reach.


Before even arriving in the new country, so, the entrepreneur already begins to generate an impact on the consumer market. And attract the attention of anyone who is interested in the solution that his business offers.


A good example is when a company manages to carry out a viral digital marketing campaign. Ensuring that the impact is quite intense in the market.


1.2 Generates New Contacts In The International Market

The logic is simple: the more impact your business has on a market, the more attention it will draw. From there, it will be easier to have new contacts in the market you intend to enter.


Therefore, a good strategy of this type handles opening doors and paths for your company to reach the new market. Consider consistent, high-impact, return, and engagement digital marketing.


In this context, other businessmen in the international sector may be interested in partnering with you to seek mutual benefits. With this, it is possible to have easier access to the consumer market, which favors expansion as a whole.


In addition, a great impact also helps you to generate more opportunities with less effort.  Which allows the focus to be maintained, mostly, in achieving success in this new journey.


Greater understanding of the market


To be successful, you will need to understand very well how the business behaves, what it needs, and how it performs in general. Without this, it is impossible to be successful when offering suitable products and solutions.


Fortunately, digital marketing is largely traceable and measurable. Which means that you can measure not only the results of your actions but also profile consumption.


According to the engagement of the international public in certain actions. It is possible to better understand what works for this new market. Thus, you will be able to make a selection of products and solutions that is most suitable for these new customers.


In general, the more knowledge there is, the less you will suffer to be able to sell and establish your business in this new market.


Overcome Physical Barriers


One of the major limitations of traditional or offline marketing is physical barriers. If a dealer wants to use this strategy in a new country, he will need to advertise in local print media. As well as choose advertising spots at the place of business.


However, not only is this more expensive, it is still quite limiting. Still, without a lot of knowledge about the public, it is more difficult to guess right away which is the best place to promote the brand.


Considering that more and more people worldwide are on the internet, it is also more complicated to attract attention.  And generate interest in those who have never seen your brand before.  Because it is not from the country in question and because it is not on the internet.


Digital marketing, on the other hand, overcomes all these physical limitations. With the suitable adaptations for each place of interest, it is easier to act in order to reach the international public with the same effort.


If an entrepreneur decides to export to the United States, for example. When running a good digital marketing strategy he will not be limited to New York or Miami. But will be able to reach the entire country, depending on the communication and the elements adopted.


Increase in profit


It is undeniable that digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing. This is not only because the net investment value is lower, but also because the return on investment (ROI) is also higher in this case.


According to a survey conducted by RetailMeNot in January 2016. More than 75% of business owners surveyed stated that the return from digital marketing. It is greater than that from offline marketing.


In addition, it must be considered that an investment in digital marketing is usually made in the country’s currency. An offline strategy is made in the currency of the destination country. That makes the whole process even more expensive.


Thus, by adopting digital, you can increase profit, which allows you to make more investments. And act in a more assertive and more profitable manner.


Establishes Authority For The Business


Another fundamental point is that digital marketing is able to establish authority for the business in general. When done in a structured way, it makes customers, whether national or international.  They have a more positive perception of the brand.


When the business is focused on helping to solve doubts and pains of the person of interest, for example. It can stand out from brands that are strictly commercial. From the point of view of entering international markets, this is even more fundamental.


As the export and import process is usually very complex. The customer needs to have maximum confidence in the brand from which he acquires. As this will guarantee the complete success of the transaction.


Imagine a B2B business. The customer has at his disposal of other companies in his country with relatively satisfactory solutions. For him to choose a solution from another country. Especially if it is necessary to carry out the import, it needs to offer maximum consistency, authority, and confidence.


Thus, digital marketing also collaborates to ease the decision making process. Such as when exporting – or not.


2. Digital marketing to generate greater visibility


An issue that deserves special attention is the fact that digital marketing offers greater visibility for your brand. The more successful the strategy is, the more people know and interact with the brand.


This increases the recognition of the business. Especially when the objective is to carry out the international expansion. More than that, this gain in appearance has some positive developments, such as:


Gain on business reach


Visibility and reach go hand in hand and are extremely important to the business. Having visibility means being highlighted in the market, being seen and remembered. Automatically, this also gives the company a greater reach – after all, the better it is ranked, the easier it is to be seen.


At the international level, this gain in reach comes in the form of more people recognizing the solution of their business. And starting to consider it as a choice for purchase. In addition, a well-defined strategy can make the brand spread organically.


A successful campaign, for example, can resonate with users, who will comment on the subject with other people.  And, thus, increasingly increase the reach of the brand.


In fact, the gain in reach is not proportional to the increase in costs. Depending on the action, it is possible to invest a value considered lower and have a much higher reach, which allows the business to enjoy benefits.


Greater Generation of Sales Opportunities


One of these advantages is the greater generation of sales opportunities. It is a matter of probability: the more people the business reaches. The greater the chances of reaching someone interested and prepared to buy.


In addition, a solid and consistent strategy allows customers to be involved.  That also favors the conversion of sales in general.


If your company has a good inbound marketing strategy, for example. It can take advantage of inbound sales. In this case, the marketing team generates opportunities and delivers them to the commercial team. This manages to deal with people much closer to the final decision making.


If opportunities  work out in the right way, the natural result will be an increase in sales.  And being in the international market, both results support the expansion in this new niche.


Gain In Competitiveness


All these factors together make the company that is in an international expansion process gain more competitiveness. First, the greater the visibility and the greater the reach, the greater the audience with which the brand speaks.


Since digital marketing is cheaper, this means that you can talk to more people at a lower cost. Allowing the profitability of this action to be converted into investments and improvements. That will favor the business in its expansion process.


Also, the more visibility a project has, the more prominence it gains from competitors. After all, the customer usually prefers to buy from those they know or at least have heard of.


Another important point is that the consistent strategy is also able to establish the brand with its customers. including international ones, in this case. This makes it easier for people to remember their business at the time of purchase. That allows it to become a top of mind option. That is, the first to be remembered when the customer makes a purchase.


If a company needs a supplier, with the gain of visibility its business may be the first one. It will use to carry out the acquisition.


3. Digital Marketing Strategies To Open New Markets


Considering that making an international expansion is also opening new markets. It is necessary to select the appropriate digital marketing strategies to reach the desired objectives.


In this scenario, some points stand out, such as:


Website Creation And Content Marketing


Having an online presence is indispensable for digital marketing. If you want to communicate with people on the internet, they need to be able to find you. Therefore, one of the points is to create a website.


It must be functional, easy to load, and must also contain important information about the company. In addition, having a responsive design – that is, adapting to any screen size – is especially important.


Since the objective is international expansion. Having it translated correctly into other languages is essential. And, if applicable, in the language of the country – or countries – of interest.


More than that, however, the site must also have a blog. Through it, your business will feed content to educate the consumer market and generate more authority.


It is essential to have an editorial publication calendar and also to invest in other formats besides the text. Infographics, images, and videos – which will account for 82% of virtual traffic in 2020 – are also welcome.


Search Engine Optimization


At the same time, there is no point in having high quality and very informative content. If it is not found by those who are most interested: the customers.


Therefore, it is worth betting on optimization strategies for search engines, the famous SEO. Therefore, one of the points is to select the correct keywords and work on the content produced accordingly.


The URLs must be friendly and have the word worked out, in addition to the use of scanning capabilities. Texts, for example, should be written in shorter sentences and paragraphs.


The white space in the design is also positive. As it can increase the understanding of content by up to 20%. In addition, sites that load faster and have a longer time spent by your visitors get better positions in search engines.


Focusing on international expansion, it is also worth thinking about local SEO. For that, it is necessary to think about the physical area you intend to reach in order to use resources. Such as NET (company name, address, and telephone number) and specific keywords for this case.


Sponsored Links


Achieving better positions in search results need not be limited to organic traffic only. Depending on the interests and possibilities of your business, using sponsored links is also possible.


In this case, you will pay per click, view, or conversion to be able to stay on top of searches (in a space designated for these addresses). Therefore, it is essential to select keywords that have a good search volume but are not very popular.


Therefore, it is worth investing in long-tail, which are more specific and bring a more prepared audience for the purchase. When setting up campaigns, you’ll also be able to exclude negative words. If you do not sell a certain product, you can exclude the term, so as not to attract people interested in buying what your business does not offer.


In addition, you can also determine how long the campaign will remain active and what the maximum costs will be. That allows you to perform performance tests and maximize the exposure of your venture.


Use Of Social Networks


Worldwide, more than 2 billion people are on social media. And more than 93% of buyers are influenced by these media. Hence, you can already get an idea of ​​why they are so indispensable for the business. Especially when talking about international expansion.


Therefore, it is essential to use the most appropriate social networks for your business. In search of results for digital marketing.


In the case of B2B companies, the main means of communicating with potential customers are Facebook and LinkedIn. But it is worth doing a study on the market to understand where customers are.


When creating profiles on social networks, it is essential to ensure that they are updated consistently. In addition, it is necessary to use other resources, such as visuals. Also, you can bet on sponsored and promoted publications.


In fact, social networks can be a place to promote website content, for example, as well as offers in general.


Another issue is that the language must be suitable for the client. And these networks must also function as a means of contact and relationship with clients. By answering complaints, you can generate more engagement and better positioning for the business.


Marketing Automation And Measurement

Even if it is not a “forward” strategy or that directly impacts the end customer. Automation and marketing measurement are strategies that need to be put in place. So that the business can obtain the best possible results.


With automation, it is possible to include all visitors and opportunities within a sales funnel. Understanding exactly where they are in relation to the purchase. From the flow of nutrition, it is possible to ensure that more people approach the decision-making process.


This is the case of an international commercial manager looking for the best solution for your company. With digital marketing, it is possible to clarify your doubts. Eventually, present your business as the best option for hiring or buying.


The measurement part has to do with the metrics. More than monitoring the number of visitors or fans on social networks. With this process, it is possible to identify the impacts of digital marketing on the average ticket. The cost of customer acquisition (CAC), and so on.


Thus, it is easier to identify where your business is doing. So that it is possible to adopt the necessary optimizations so that the strategy offers exactly what you can expect of it.



Entering the international market with your products is an action that can benefit your company in several ways. And ensure that it becomes more robust and also more profitable.


However, the competition is quite intense and even the process of reaching other markets is not so simple. Thus, digital marketing becomes a necessary strategy to increase brand visibility, generate more opportunities. And facilitate the path for international expansion. With the right resources, this becomes a real possibility!