Learning Twitter Marketing Strategies Step by Step

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Twitter is one of the most used social networks to generate advertising. The key is to generate quality content following digital marketing strategies.
Twitter is a very versatile social network. Which lends itself to cover different topics depending on the use.  It depends on each user’s decision to give it to their account.
Although it is true that it has been defined as one of the most used social networks by companies. They use this network to generate advertising. Yet, it is not only about writing tweets, uploading images or videos.  But it is also about generating quality content following digital marketing strategies.
We must ensure that we make the correct promotion for our brand and our products. It is essential to gain trust with your website and with any platform on which you are present. Although users respond to tweets that are of interest or most striking. when we offer something to consumers. It must be taken into account that it must always be offered as a solution or as a necessity.
There is a wide variety of strategies on Twitter. This can attract more followers, feedback and increase traffic in our content. Once you have the right tools in your hands, it will be up to you to know how to use them and get the most out of them.
That is why we bring you a list of marketing strategies. Here we will teach you the most important and how to take them into account when advertising. Remember that Twitter is a powerful social strategy. But it does not mean that it is a magic wand to catch customers or anything similar. So, you must be patient and understand that the changes and results will be taking place little by little. So here we leave you:

Twitter marketing goals

This step is fundamental since here we begin to define our objectives. We must be very clear about what we want to achieve in this social network. If one of the goals is to attract more public you can take into account the following:

  • Attract a defined audience that are interested in our content.
  • Market our products or services through Twitter to create awareness in consumers.
  • Use Twitter as a public relations strategy. Use it to generate a positive opinion about your offer.
  • Create a specific group of people who are interested in our products. To provide innovative ideas for marketing strategies.
  • Have good feedback with customers. Always responding to each of their questions and concerns.

Adjust content strategies on Twitter

Your business plan is your own identity. This will reflect when you generate your own content. However, there are some basic strategies that can help you get started with this:
  • Traffic: This tool will lead your audience to your official website. Also to your blog and social networks you own. This will allow them to learn more about your brand and everything you offer.
  • Conversations: This is where you can establish conversations with your followers. you can do this either by a tweet or by a private message, this will allow you to clarify all your doubts and concerns.
  • Sales: The purpose of your tweets target increasing sales, whether in text, images or videos. Everyone must have the same goal in common.

Identify your audience on Twitter

You must learn to identify the public who are interested in your products. Since not all your followers will be, the fact that they follow you does not mean that they will be your customers.


There are quick and simple ways to do this task, it is about creating a list for your audience, monitoring who likes your content and who doesn’t. To do this you can implement these strategies and continue with the procedures:

  • Search keywords: You can do this through paid programs such as Socialbro or free as Followerwonk. These tools are for searching through keywords for content and state their exact location.
  • Look at the hashtags: Always remember to have good ideas to create fun and attractive hashtags. So, you can find the people who use them.
  • Follow and participate: Use tools such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to import your Twitter lists into two columns. So, it will be easier and more practical to follow their lists and interact with your audience.

Determine the best time to post

Not everyone is online 24 hours and much less on Twitter. So, it is essential to analyze and know when is the best day and time to publish on social networks. At what time your followers connect and at what time your tweets. They can achieve greater reach among the public. For this, there are programs that can easily help you determine the best time to tweet.

  • Socialbro: AAnalyze the timeline in your followers and create a report that tells you the best time to make your tweets.
  • Hootsuite: It tells you when your tweets can generate more engagement among the audience. And you can schedule your tweets for a full month.
  • Tweriod: Analyze your followers and show you the schedules with which they frequent being online. Also indicates the best time to tweet.

The same goes for the rest of your content marketing platforms, such as your Blog. Where you should also work based on an editorial calendar.

Get ideas to generate content

One of the best ways to create good content is to generate a brainstorm before posting on your website. You can do it as follows:

  • Enter the keywords: Entering keywords in your commercial sector is essential. Since there will always be events, articles, and discussions that happen in front of your management. This will indicate what is a trend and what your audience needs
  • Follow their network: You should keep in mind that your followers will always be tweeting about your brand, this can give you valuable ideas. For example: If there are a small number of people asking about marketing strategies, a tutorial could be done.
  • Be attentive to problems: You can always generate problems, doubts, and concerns in the audience. You must always be attentive to take into account the correct answers to your questions.

Monitor your competitor’s tweets

Twitter is one of the social networks most used by companies to promote their brand. Which makes it quite easy to monitor the strategies they are using.

  • Follow your competitors: It is not necessary to follow them directly. For this, you can make a private list that is visible only to you. There you can add your competitors and their employees if you manage to get their accounts
  • Monitor their commitment: Know what users say about your competition and see how they usually respond to their audience.
  • Look what they share: Look at the amount of content they are creating. See if this helps them market their brand and how it is being received by their audience.

Choose what you share

When creating content this should always be varied and attractive. Remember that this social network offers you different formats to complement your tweets.

  • Text: Always remember to be short, direct, simple, flashy and informative, within the reach of anyone’s understanding.
  • Images: They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, you can fix all the attention on it or you can use it to complement the text of your tweet.
  • Video: This helps to enrich your tweets. You should concentrate on creating informative videos. But at the same time short, simple and attractive.
  • Links: Without a doubt a very valuable tool, you can embed the links in your tweets to complement. You can add hashtags so that users have a clearer idea of ​​what you are promoting.

The promotion of your content

If you know how to use the tools, Twitter can lead you to drive a large amount of traffic on your portals. But not by placing links means that people will click.

You must strive and above all be quite creative when creating your tweets. Here are some ways to attract the public and click on your valuable links:

  • Short tweets: That is between 100 characters or less, try to place a short, direct and attractive intro, enough for users to decide to click and enter.
  • Quote your message: To do this you can use a teaser, remember that the quote must be accurate so that it has relevance to your message.
  • Include statistics: This will help you give a little touch of seriousness, truthfulness, and reliability.
  • Take advantage of the hashtags: They are an excellent resource to reach the members who use it, apply the most common in the industry to succeed in it.
  • Use the mentions: They can help you attract important influences. They know quite well the air where your brand is being developed. So, it is necessary that the mentions in your promotions.
  • Ask for retweet: Always be sure to ask your followers to give you retweet. This is a good technique to generate publicity and create an impact worldwide.
  • Promote your tweets: It is necessary to do it if you want to reach more people. You should promote your tweets from time to time, although this requires a small investment. They are very easy to create and help generate enough traffic.

In conclusion, Twitter is a fundamental tool that will help you to boost the growth of your company. It is undoubtedly a limitless source of opportunities to implement different marketing strategies. Also, it is one of the most used social networks worldwide to generate advertising.

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