Improve your company’s ranking by using Google My Business!

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Unfortunately, most local businesses ignore one of the most powerful digital tools. These tools help reach the customer better. If you have a company that serves regional customers, you need to use Google My Business. This is a digital marketing strategy to attract customers.

What is Google My Business?


We can call Google My Business the Google “social network”. It works great for local businesses or businesses serving regional customers.
It works to enhance Google’s search results for local business searches.
Google My Business uses Google Maps to understand where the user is (geolocation). And shows the company’s information close to the person who searched.

Why is Google My Business so important?

Nowadays Its importance is related to consumers’ behavior.

According to Hubspot, one of the largest digital marketing portals in the world. They showed us how the consumer behaves today.

  • Almost half of all searches done on Google are for local businesses.  For example, “pizza in neighborhood x”.
  • 72% of consumers who do a local survey visit establishments within 8 km of their homes.
  • 97% of people search for local businesses by Google than by other means like social networks, for example.
  • 88% of people who do a search for local companies visit the establishment within 24 hours.

5 Strategies to improve your company’s ranking in Google My Business


I hope that with this data you have become convinced of the importance of using this tool as part of your digital marketing strategy.
Not using it will make your company lose customers every day. Follow these 5 strategies that will leave your company among the first three results in a local search.
At the end of each strategy, I’ll reveal killer tips to get your profile to the top 3.

1 – Update all your company data


It is incredible, but almost half of the companies that are on Google My Business have some outdated information. Such as phone number, address, opening hours, services or products provided, etc.
Many users give up visiting or contacting a company that has their data out of date.
Killing tip: Google has ‘ Local Guides ‘ who are ordinary people who like to help others who search Google for local businesses. Local Guides answers questions about companies that Google itself or ordinary users do. If your company is reporting any wrong data, for example, a different opening time than it is, the Local Guide will “deny” this information. And this can count in Google’s assessment, leaving your company far from being part of the top 3.

2 – Write an attractive description for your company

In the description field of your company, you have 750 characters to present your company. Do not waste time talking about the mission, vision or values, this does not attract the attention of the consumer.

Killing tip: Dedicate this space to talk about the benefits or differentials of your company and how you can help the customer.

3 – Use photos

Google My Business allows you to upload photos. The photos of establishment, the team, the products, the customers in service and everything you find interesting to post. Don’t think that a few photos showing the entire establishment are enough, post photos every day.

Killing tip: Local business with photos performs better than others. Some studies show that listings with 150 photos guarantee the company’s permanence in the top 3 of the search engine. So you should make it a habit and as you post images and photos on Instagram every day, do it also on Google My Business.

4 – Respond to comments


Whether negative or positive it is always important that you respond to all comments that customers leave about your company. Not responding shows Google that your listing is not interesting to keep in the top 3.
Killing tip: Also to answering all comments, make an effort to ask customers to comment on your business. Comments should be about the location and which product/service they consumed. For example, “Pizza x is the best in the neighborhood and banana pizza is the best of all”.

5 – Use videos

A little-used feature is the videos on Google My Business. And every day more and more platforms are giving greater relevance to video content. So use this feature a lot in your listing and don’t have to worry about creating cinematic videos. A simple video made with the cell phone showing products or the already favorable establishment.

Killing tip: The same video you put on your Google My Business listing also put on youtube. If your company doesn’t have a youtube channel yet this is a good reason to create one. As YouTube is from Google it recognizes that the same video is present on more than one of its platforms.


Google is still very powerful and dominates searches made over the internet. The future of Google My Business is promising. Companies that are using this tool in the right way are having great results.

In recent updates, Google My Business has already shown changes in its design. When it presents results from companies in the hotel business, all to compete in the future with great players like Tripadvisor.
You see this change or customization made for specific segments. As it is in Google’s interest to compete with all types of internet search companies.
If you still don’t use Google My Business as part of your digital marketing strategy, do it now. Or you will be left behind, as like everything else on the internet today, organic reach will decrease.
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