How To Use Snapchat Successful For Your Marketing Strategy

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One of the trendy social networks for teenagers is gaining ground in the business arena.

Small brands and entrepreneurs typically don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their digital strategy. Either because they do not consider it important, because they do not know its benefits or simply because they do not have the necessary means to do so; the truth is that they tend to act first and think later.

Thus, it happens that given the popularity of emerging social networks, most companies decide to create a profile without considering in advance if this will be really useful. The prior planning of the content to be published or transmitted on these networks is even more scarce, to the point that it practically does not exist and everything is developed at the moment. With the same thinking common to personal accounts, companies share content that they find interesting at the moment, without having a global vision of the brand’s needs.

Snapchat is growing by leaps and bounds among teens around the world, with more than 100 million users sharing close to 9,000 photos per second and 7 billion videos daily. It is completely understandable that companies want to incorporate the famous ghost network as one more tool for contacting their customers and followers, but there are some aspects to consider beforehand.

Everything we need to know before creating your company profile on Snapchat is shown in this article.


1. Learn How To Use Snapchat Like a Pro

As with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the ones you use, you must know exactly how this tool works to use it correctly. A user manual is always a good option, but there are also different tutorials that you can use to introduce yourself to the Snapchat universe. Once you know it thoroughly, you can assess whether or not it corresponds to the purpose of your company, whether you can create the type of content that allows publishing, and whether it will really be profitable to do so.


2. Ask Yourself: Do I reach my Target Audience with Snapchat?

As a brand or as a company, your motive is always your users. You do what they demand, you sell them as they want to buy. As simple and as complex as that.

First of all, you must first ask yourself whether or not your target audience is present on this network. If Millennials or Generation Z boys are your targets, you definitely cannot stay out of Snapchat, because this is and will be the network they use the most for a long time.


3. Be Creative and Innovative

One more profile to manage, a new strategy to think about, new publications to elaborate and attend to … All that work has to be for something different. If you are going to offer the same as in other networks, it does not make any sense that you also present yourself in this one with identical content and thought mostly for other networks.

What can that differential be? Due to its characteristics, the options are many. Among them, you can make short videos to answer what your audience wants to know or show the benefits of a product, show the progress of the new collection, or the interior of your points of sale to invite your followers to visit you. You can also choose surprise actions, such as discount coupons or contests with limited time since the user must act before the snap disappears, thus generating exclusive benefits for your user that promote their permanence in your profile.

The central thing in Snapchat is understanding the concept of immediacy, knowing that nothing can be long-term and that the interactions are so many and so fast that they are easily forgettable. Create impact messages that are remembered and quickly used so that your audience does not forget you and wants to return to your channel regularly.


4. Intimacy

The contacts in this network are practically private because although the content sent is not really the property of the members of the conversation, it is deleted so quickly that it is very unlikely that a third party will see it. It does not mean that you can say anything, but it is an advantage in the event that you make a mistake because it will not be latent for long.

In addition, the relationship with your user can be intensified thanks to that intimacy. Sometimes, most companies choose not to answer their followers’ questions or posts publicly so as not to “invade” their own profile with these answers. In Snapchat this does not happen, you can answer everything without thinking that there is a public record, because it does not exist.


5. Is your brand creative? Then Go for it!

The ease with which it is used and the different tools it intends to use make it possible for anyone to modify the content at will. As an eminently visual network, it highlights images and videos over text, making brands that are creative, and based on this type of content have a great advantage.

Do you want to know what users would change to your product? You only need to publish a snap and you will receive different messages with the most original designs, without having to carry out any expensive market research or something like that to know the flaws of your creation.


6. Real Content Creation

Large productions and photo editing do not take place in this network that privileges the original and real contents that are produced at the time and without major planning. It doesn’t matter if you don’t put your best smile on the photo, or if the wind ruins your hairstyle just before capturing the image, this is exactly what Snapchat users want to see.


So, you can leave the contents only for on Facebook or Instagram, and dedicate yourself to showing here what you don’t always see of your products. If you are not willing to let the freshness and lack of preparation dominate your publications, you better not join the ghost network, or you will have a really hard time trying to make everything go perfect in the app that stands as the queen of imperfections.


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