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When it comes to SEO, a majority believes that they must work hard with keywords to be the target of searches done on major internet search engines. Well, it turns out that this was once true, but it is no longer. Keywords still play a role in SEO, but there are more important things to consider now.

Google, which is the main search engine on the web, is always updating its search algorithm, which is even used to rank websites in search results. Before, it was enough to have in the text exactly what the user searched for to occupy the first place. Today the algorithm is much more complex and values mainly for relevance, originality, and quality.

That’s right, the search relies on artificial intelligence and assesses whether the content is of good quality and relevant to the user.

But for those who aim to highlight their brand, there are still other factors that need special attention. We can highlight seven areas where we must focus on SEO to work for the company:

1 – Sitelinks

Search for your brand name on Google. You are first in the results, right? No? So there is something very wrong.

But considering that you really are in the first place, below the link on your main page, there will be some site links from the main pages of your site, as in the image below:

Are the site links that appear are the ones that you would like to appear? If they are, great. If not, better move through the pages of the site, downgrading the links that you do not want to appear. Sometime later Google will place new sitelinks in the search.

2 – Logo Schema

The Schema language can facilitate the work of search engines. Use Schema along with your logo on your website, so that searchers understand that that image represents your company.

3 – Tagging the brand image

Wherever you place your logo, be it advertising or something else, be careful to put your brand name inside the alt attribute. That’s because an image search returns universal results, but all you want a person to see when they search for your brand is just your brand and not something contrary to it or that will denigrate it. On Google, even if the person is not doing an image search, the web results give a “preview” of the result for images. You must master this section.

4 – Google+ and the Knowledge Map

Google+ is not a huge audience success. However, it is an important tool for giving more visibility to Google search results.

Have a company page on Google+ and link it to your own website. Strive to make it a verified page. If Google synchronizes your brand with your page, it will appear as information on the knowledge map (right on the page) when someone searches for your company name, giving it more credibility.

5 – Publisher Tag

In addition to synchronizing between your site and Google+, you can use the Google Publisher Tag API in the source code to narrow the relationship between the two pages.

6 – Location listing management

When your brand is searched, a listing of the location of establishments in your company closest to the user may appear. Is the information that appears what you would like to appear?

7 – The rest of the results

In addition, take care to master everything you can on the internet regarding your brand. Make profiles on all possible social networks. Make the most common variations of your name as well, such as “@cocacola”, “@coca-cola” and “@coca_cola”. With the Known website, you can enter a username and find out which social networks it has been used on and which ones it has not.

Also, make sure that the entire first page of Google search results is your link.

Search Google for searches related to your most popular brand, using the search engine autocomplete, as in the image

With that, also dominate these searches, on your websites and social networking pages, making sure that there is always a positive result for any research related to your company.


Much of what was covered in this post is more about the functional organization than proper magic tricks. That is, it is more a cleaning. Monitoring work is necessary to keep everything in order and to attract those interested in your brand, making the public loyal.

Did you like our tips? Apply them to your website and see if you are already dominating searches!

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