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Do you already have Your Facebook Marketing Strategy ?


Having a Marketing Strategy on Facebook is essential for anyone who wants to use this channel as a marketing tool and for the Relationship with their customers. Although Facebook marketing may seem simple, that’s not the case. In fact, it requires a lot of technique and knowledge of the tools and strategies available. Many companies are disappointed with their results in what is currently the most used social network in the world. But, the big problem is precisely the lack of a Facebook marketing strategy.

As with any other digital marketing activities, Facebook marketing is necessarily preceded by detailed planning of all stages of implementation and management. Skipping this step will not bring any fruitful results.

From page creation to advanced feature configuration, content development and ad policy, everything needs to be meticulously planned. This will help you make the most of your efforts. We are firmly convinced that without good strategic planning, there is no way to be successful in terms of Facebook Marketing. So here we are going to share the Facebook Marketing strategy that has worked for us over and over again.


How to Define Your Facebook Marketing Strategy?

The first step in defining the marketing strategy that will be adopted on Facebook is to determine and identify your resources.

How much time is available to dedicate to this tool? Are you and your team technically prepared for this? How much money do you want to invest monthly?

Logical questions, right?  But in reality, many companies end up forgetting these basic questions to create a marketing strategy on Facebook. So, as a result, they end up falling into improvisation.

We can basically say that there are five questions to be answered to define your presence on Facebook:

  1. Does your company have the profile to be on Facebook?
  2. What are the objectives of your presence on this social network?
  3. How much time do you have to dedicate to this channel?
  4. How much money are you willing to invest?
  5. Are your staff technically qualified to manage your Fan Page?

Now, We will discuss each of these topics:

Does your company need to be on Facebook?

It may seem contradictory, after talking about the importance of having a Facebook Marketing Strategy and then questioning whether or not your company should have a presence on this channel. But after my explanation, you will see that it makes perfect sense. Facebook is a fun environment where people log in to find friends, catch up, and why not say it, enjoy their time a little. Therefore, not all companies have a business profile that is compatible with the Facebook environment and therefore questioning.

If your business is more on the corporate side and very technical, you will not find much space on Facebook to promote your brand. As the environment is not conducive to more “serious” content. In this case, the best option would be marketing on LinkedIn. So ask yourself this question first: Is Facebook the correct Platform for me and my business to enhance viibility and brand awareness?

Define the Goals of Your Presence on Facebook

Another important item to be evaluated when designing your Facebook Marketing Strategy is to determine exactly what are the objectives of your presence on this network. There may be several objectives for your presence on Facebook such as:

  • Branding ie, exposure of your brand to make it more known to the public.
  • Generating  traffic to  and for your website
  • Lead generation, meaning people who are interested in your product or service
  • Selling products and services from Facebook

In order to use Facebook efficiently for your company, it is important to determine  your target audience.  In addition, how you will work impacting your page on Facebook, within your Digital Marketing Strategies.

Each objective needs to have its own strategy and will need specific resources and routines. So making it clear from the beginning what your objectives are is essential to make the most efficient use of your resources and efforts.


Availability of Time for Your Facebook Marketing Strategy?

It is crucial to determine how much time you will have to invest in your Facebook Marketing Strategy. In such a case you can run the marketing activities on Facebook on your own. This will save you the costs of hiring an Agency to perform this work.

A good Facebook Marketing Strategy involves several tasks and a lot of time and effort, such as writing texts for publications, choosing images, assembling the publication itself and monitoring results.  Therefore, it is necessary to allocate time for the execution of these tasks.


Financial Resources

Nowadays, thinking about Facebook Marketing without investing in paid media is a true utopia. The organic reach of a Facebook post is around 3% to 5% of the page’s fan base. Of course, pages with a high EdgeRank can achieve more than that, but this is the default range.

Therefore, you need to allocate resources to invest in Facebook Ads. These include boosting campaigns to reach a larger portion of fans or in specific marketing actions through Facebook ads.


Is Your  Staff  qualified and experienced enough for execution of the Strategy?

If you think one of your company employees who does not leave Facebook the whole day is the most qualified person for the professional management of a Fan Page. Well, could not be more wrong! This mistake will led you to be disappointed with the results obtained with your “marketing on Facebook”.

Tracing a marketing strategy on Facebook, managing the daily life of a page, analyzing results and identifying new opportunities in the market, is something for professionals. Modern digital marketing does not allow amateurism and improvisation. Therefore, search for the qualification and this will definitely bring you the result.

So, there is no doubt that an effective Facebook marketing strategy is essential for any company to expand its presence in the market. Please feel free to share other information about Facebook marketing strategy and other issues related to digital marketing and social media.


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