Everything You Need To Know about Baidu: The #1 Chinese Search Engine

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What is Baidu? It is the question that we usually ask ourselves when hearing this term. So let me bring you up to date on the most relevant facts of this  most popular Chinese Search Engine.

Baidu was created in late 1999 by Robin Li and Eric Xu with a design similar to Google, which gives Chinese internet users the possibility to search for news, images, and audio files. This search engine offers more than 740 million web pages, 80 million images, and 10 million multimedia files, in addition to a collaborative Wikipedia-like encyclopedia called Baidu Baike.

According to the Alexia ranking, the Baidu.com web browser is the most popular site in China and the fourth most famous site in the world, just 3 places below Google, which is in the first position. So if you are interested in expanding your business and exploring this market, you need to consider the most important aspects of Baidu.


9 things you should know about Baidu

International SEO is attracting attention from companies that are interested in opening new channels and seek new business opportunities in other countries. For this, it is important that you identify and know the habitual behavior of users in other countries in order to assure your positioning strategy to be more effective.

Therefore, you need to know what are the most used search engines in each country in which you want to make a presence and based on this, propose the most appropriate way to cover the market through a good international SEO strategy.


1. Where does the name Baidu come from?

The name Baidu came from an ancient poem written eight hundred years ago during the Song Dynasty. Baidu literally translates to “hundreds of times” and represents persistence in the pursuit of the ideal.

Baidu is commonly referred to as “the Chinese Google” because of its similarity to it. In fact, Google-owned 2.6% of the company a few years ago, but sold it.


2. Founded by Silicon Valley

When Baidu was launched in early 2000, it raised $ 1.2 million, and one of the top investing firms was Silicon Valley. At the end of September of that same year, the firm’s Draper Fisher Jurvetson and IDG Technology Venture made an additional investment of $10 million to enhance the effectiveness of this Chinese search engine.


3. What other Products does Baidu offer?

In the same way that other search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, offer complementary services, Baidu also does it and offers different services such as:


  • Baidu Maps, which by its name you can already imagine its similarity to Google Maps.
  • Baidu Tieba, which is a great forum.
  • Baike Baidu, the encyclopedia of the Chinese search engine.
  • Baidu Yun to store data in the cloud.

4. SEO in Baidu: What to focus on for  your Baidu SEO Strategy?

As for the SEO-optimized content on Baidu, which must be original and with a length greater than 300 words, it is essential to choose them with great care, since the Chinese government’s censorship can send your content creation and positioning efforts to in vein. Even if you use any of the words from its blacklist, Baidu is more than likely to disinvest your content.

On the other hand, for Baidu, the loading speed of the site is a factor of great importance. So you need to get the most out of Web Performance Optimization.


5. Baidu PPC Ads

Baidu’s pay-per-click platform called Tuiguang is similar to Google AdWords in its main aspects. Tuiguang allows advertisers to display their ads on search engine results pages and on other third-party websites affiliated with Tuiguang (Display).

This Chinese Google tool allows:

  • Do keyword research.
  • Adjust keyword match and bidding.
  • Stipulate negative keywords for campaigns.
  • Segment by geographic area and other interests.
  • Use a variety of formats: banners, texts and even videos.
  • Generate reports.

Despite its great similarities with Google Adwords, unlike this one, it cannot be used worldwide, but only by users with registered business addresses in China or other East Asian countries.


6. Mobile Services of Baidu

In July 2014, Baidu reached 500 million active users and its app acquired nearly 70 million daily users. On the other hand, it is interesting that you know that approximately 30% of your income comes from this type of service.


7. Bureaucratic processes to use Baidu: Which license I need in order be present in Baidu?

In order to operate in the small search market, a content publication license in China is required, which must be requested from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.


8. Ability to search for audio files

It could be said that one of the most popular features of the Chinese Google Baidu is the possibility of searching for audio files (MP3, etc.). Most of these searches are aimed at finding Chinese pop music.

In 2007, the Beijing High Court ruled against 4 large multinationals in the music industry – Universal Music, EMI, Warner Music, and Sony BMG – who denounced Baidu for offering users the possibility to play and download music without their permission. copyrights were his property. The court ruled that the service offered by the Chinese search engine, which is to provide links to music, was a violation of the law since the product itself is downloaded from third-party servers.


9. Beyond Beijing: Baidu reaches out to the whole word!

Baidu is based in Beijing, but also has offices in Guangdong Province, Shanghai, and countries like the USA, Japan, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, and Egypt.

It is undoubtedly a large multinational, which 5 years after its foundation went public and in 2014 it already had more than 40,500 employees.

So far we have summarized the 9 most relevant things you should know about China’s most famous search engine, Baidu. You shouldn’t take this information on deaf ears. Instead, take advantage of the advantages and benefits it offers, start betting on an international SEO strategy, and expand your business beyond borders.

Do you think that you should only boost your business through Google or would it be good to start taking into account international search engines such as the Chinese search engine Baidu? Share your comments.

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