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Before we address the topic of brick-and-mortar retail and e-commerce. We should first ask ourselves the basic question of why we want to appear on the Internet as brick-and-mortar retailers?
If you still have the desire to start in e-commerce, then in this article I will give you inspiration on how you can do this effectively. I want to make sure that you do it by yourself for your brick-and-mortar retail.

Why a Brick and Mortar Stores should be seen online


Do you know how long you look into the eyes of your fellow man each day?
When was the last time you looked into the eyes of your partner or family members? By the way, it is a very intensive and meaningful exercise if you keep looking into people’s eyes while talking and listening. This will give you and your friend a more intensive experience of communication. And you will see that it will change many things in your life.
Compare the time span in which you look into the eyes of your friend with the time span in which you look at your mobile phone.
Statistically speaking, we look more or less intensively at the smartphone for about 2-3 hours every day. Every day!
This means that basically the smartphone gets the most attention in our time. More than other media and definitely more than our fellow men around us. On the one hand, this is sad that it is a chance for your own marketing.
If we know where people are looking, then we know where we can position ourselves to be seen. That’s what it’s all about in the first moment: to be perceived strategically meaningful and positive.

How to build your website for brick-and-mortar stores


If you want to build a website your brick-and-mortar retail online, there are various ways to do it. Let’s go into the first option: your own e-commerce online shop.

Which online shop possibilities are there and why should you consider internet presence?

Nowadays, blogs and online shops, individually or in combination, are essential for every merchant. No matter if craftsman, electrician, lawyer, tax consultant, retailer or any other industry. Everybody should be accessible and findable via the internet. nowadays if you want to advertise your products or services sustainably and cost-effectively.
Every entrepreneur can use the potential of the Internet, but where to start? Which programs are available? How effective are they and how should one use them?
First of all, there are programs that help create websites and online shops. We will discuss how these programs work and which one is suitable for use.
You can buy from the following options through an agency or create by yourself.

The professional e-commerce solution


A professional e-commerce solution for brick and mortar stores is possible with the online shop software Magento.
Magento is the most used pure online shop software.
If you run a stationery textile retail and want to start an online shop and e-commerce, there is also a special version of Magento aimed at fashion shops.
Via the link https://magento.com/solutions/fashion, you can get a few impressions of what Magento offers for your fashion online shop.
This special version is available in the Enterprise package. Depending on the requirements you have for Magento. What support you want, what guarantee you expect. And how many active visitors you expected on the site and much more.
Besides the paid enterprise version, there is also a free community version. That you can use to build a page or a shop. But you need more knowledge and you are on your own.
Magento is the ideal solution for professional online shop operators. They have a long reach and high online sales expect the ideal solution. if you already want to generate high sales with another online shop solution. And switch to Magento, the whole thing even more professional then it is also recommended.

The e-commerce solution for advanced retailers


The interim solution to set up a functioning online shop with WordPress software. You will need a combination with various plug-ins (extensions for the website). WordPress doesn’t need high investments. It is easy to install and use without much previous knowledge.
WordPress is the most popular software for creating websites and blogs. Depending on the statistics, between 50% and 60% of all websites are using a content management system based on WordPress. This corresponds to approximately 26.6% of the entire Internet.
However, WordPress requires time and patience, especially in the beginning. Even if it is relatively easy to use. But it is still a lot to inform yourself beforehand. You may also consider taking online courses to cut common mistakes from the outset.

The online shop solution for smaller retailers


Are you at the beginning of your online marketing and e-commerce activities? And have never dealt with this topic before? So, today’s modular systems and “Software as a Service” solutions are the right choice to move into the area of ​​e-commerce and build a nice website.
The simplest way to create a professional and modern website these days is with the modular system WEEBLY.
Via www.weebly.com you can log in with your own Facebook account or via an e-mail address. On the page, click what you need. If you need a website, then click on a suitable theme (graphic website template). And then go to the displayed dashboard and begin to design the page further.
The software offers various options for search engine optimization (SEO). Also, options for built-in blogs, integrate an online shop. In advance, step you can also integrate email marketing software easily. There are options to integrate Google Analytics and various codes. These options offer you great support in the area of ​​online marketing.



With the help of the above-mentioned platform, you can launch your website and ensure your online presence. Online presence accelerates your business growth than ever before. Want to start it as soon as possible? BMG could be your reliable partner, have any problem with web development?
Feel free to talk to our professionals, they are all happy to help!  

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