7 Seo Care That Guarantees More Results For Your E-commerce

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The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) corresponds to search engine optimization. Its techniques are applied to make the internet user’s life easier and increase the results of an online store, a blog, or an institutional website. The term became popular with the growing number of e-commerce sites, which depend on the search terms to be found.

Today, the importance and demand are so great that several courses and professionals working with SEO are appearing. If your need is not enough to hire a specialist, you can follow these seven tips that guarantee good results for your e-commerce. Check out:


Be clear and direct when naming your product. Think like the consumer. What would he type in the search field to find the desired item? It is important that the name is easy to identify for research, but that at the same time it is not lost among other products in the segment.


What is the prominence and position of the search engine in your e-commerce? Make it visible at all times. This makes your customer’s life easier when browsing your website, allowing them to know the sections, evaluate your products, and find what they are looking for. This is a detail that can increase your sales!


When describing your product, follow tip number 1 and also think like the consumer. What keywords would he search for to find the product? Use these words without fear in describing what you intend to offer, as searching for those terms is what will bring your potential customers to your site.


Whenever possible, insert links from one product to another. For example, when displaying one of your products, create links to related products, and add them to your page. This facilitates navigation and can also increase your sales, which can arouse your customer’s interest in products that were not initially found.


This tip is more technical, but when inserting an image you put a name and description on it, using the HTML alt and title tags. This makes it easier for search engines to also find your e-commerce through images.


Comb the contents and remove everything that is duplicated or written in much the same way. You can be penalized by search engines, like Google, if you have pages with the same content.


A blog can help your e-commerce, as producing content related to your product allows customers to understand and be interested in your brand. Creating a well-fed blog with content increases its relevance on the internet and contributes to visits to your site.

So, do you know how to apply these tips to your website? Tell us your ideas in the comments below.

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