5 tips for using remarketing with Google Analytics and AdWords

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Developing a website for your company is the first step for it to exist in the virtual environment. From there, the possibilities are endless. The creation of a virtual store, for example, is a way to attract new customers. Many companies develop websites offering their products and services, and many resources are created to optimize the user experience and strengthen the companies’ brand on the web.

Remarketing is one of those resources and aims to attract a more targeted audience of visitors to your site. Here are five tips for using this tool:

1. Know the tool and the way it works

Remarketing is an AdWords tool. It seeks to bring back to its website people who have already shown interest in it and in the products advertised. It works like this: whenever someone accesses your site, Google records the visit by placing a cookie in the browser.

When accessing other sites on the Google display network (ie Google sites and partners: more than two million sites worldwide) the visitor sees advertisements for the company whose site he visited.

2. Create different campaigns, for different goals

The best way to attract your potential customers is to segment your audience. Ads are personalized through remarketing lists. Create a campaign for each visit profile. For the visitor who has not completed the purchase, offer a special offer or promotion of the product, for those who have completed the purchase, show similar products and so on.

3. Change the default length of stay on the remarketing list

By default, visitors remain on the remarketing list for 30 days. This is a good time for sites that receive thousands of visitors a month. If this is not the case for your company’s website, it is recommended to change this default time in the settings. So, you don’t lose members of your list every 30 days.

4. Create strategic lists

Think about the best strategy for creating lists and the names you will give them. This information cannot be changed in the future.

5. Don’t waste time!

The sooner you start using this tool, the faster you can start using it. You must have at least 100 people on a list to be able to start using remarketing. Lost time is synonymous with lost visitors on the list!

And you, already use remarketing in your business? Share this experience with us in the comments!

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