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Snapchat is successful, but it is not taken as seriously as other social networks when it comes to business. The advantages of investing time, ideas, and money in campaigns designed for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram seem evident, but what about Snapchat?

Thinking about the structure of the application (users exchange messages in photo and video form and the displays last 10 seconds at most), it’s difficult to evaluate these features dedicated to business right away. However, a closer look at these features can make you change your mind.

Companies in many industries are already working on the application to use in the Australian market. Some companies use the tool to reinforce their brand while others even hold contests and promotions there. Product promotion and even the simple strengthening of the relationship with the consumer are also on the list.

Check out some tips on how to use Snapchat in Australia:

1. Sale your stocks on Snapchat

It doesn’t matter the size of your business or your line of business in Australia. if you work with end consumers, the more communication channels there are between store and client, the better. Of course, quantity does not always mean quality, so you have to be careful not to bomb people unnecessarily.

But when it comes to sales actions, Snapchat can be a great help. That’s because it’s a quick, personalized, not definitive way for you to remind fans of your brand or company that something is happening. Stock flares or big promotions, like the Black Fridays of life, can be suggested through Snapchat. Australian customer loves this kind of promotional activities.

Always use common sense when dosing the number of snaps sent, it is worth initiating these actions a few days before the promotions start. This way, you will prepare the ground by gradually reminding your customer about the big event to come.

2. Launch your new products

If your company has its own products, it is likely that it will launch new collections and models from time to time. Here, Snapchat can serve quite precisely to arouse the curiosity of its Australian followers, It works very well with photos and videos.

So, photographing parts of the product or filming some reactions from people who are seeing the item for the first time can be a good initiative. Remember the extra Snapchat tools, which allow you to write and draw on the screen to further increase this exposure.

And it is always worth remembering that Snapchat will not replace Facebook or Instagram. On the contrary, this service can work together with others to promote your new product. Then you can explore the potential of Snapchat to show even a little more than what is seen on other social networks.

3. Create challenges to interact with your customers

Another excellent use of Snapchat for the Australian business world is in promoting contests and other events that will yield prizes for users. Here, you can use the tool to truly interact with your customers, creating challenges to be overcome directly in the application.

Thus, you can request more creative designs, combinations between photos and emojis, and more. To arrive at the definition of which is the best proposal it is essential to analyze your brand or product, which is your target audience, and also to have the objectives very clearly in your mind.

With all this very evident, just fit your campaign in the possibilities of Snapchat and wait. Then just take a screenshot of the winners’ screen and get in touch with your customers – as the service has a chat system, this will not be difficult at all.

4. Sneak peek to see what’s behind the scenes

Are you promoting an event to launch a new product or open a new store in Australia? Again, using Snapchat can be of great help in promoting what is being done. As the application allows records that are automatically deleted after some time, it can record moments that should not be eternalized.

So, making backstage shots and short videos with people giving testimonials, that is, some records of everything that is happening, can be a good way to bring your customers into the event. Creativity will make all the difference when it comes to taking advantage of Snapchat’s features.

Remember the option to add photos and videos to your Snapchat story, which makes them available to all your followers for 24 hours. Exploring the exclusivity of disclosures via Snapchat also has great potential in this regard.

In addition, having social media with experience in this social network is also another crucial factor for healthy use. That’s because knowing Snapchat in its smallest details can make the difference between a performance that captivates the customer and one that irritates him, something that no one wants.

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