14 Must Know Strategies To Improve SEO Positioning In Hong Kong

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Do you want your website to appear in the first search results on Google? With these tips that I give you below, you can improve your SEO or organic positioning. So that when someone enters your keywords and subject in search engines your site is the first place where the user clicks.

What is SEO positioning?

The meaning of the acronym SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is about optimizing the position in which search engines present our website when a user makes a query.

Therefore, in order to optimize the website and have it appear at the top of the rankings. We must take into account numerous aspects, if carried out correctly, will guarantee a good position for our website.

In short, the search engines will place the best websites in the first position. And how does Google know which pages are the best? In this list of tips, you will find out which methods Google uses to know-how.

Strategies To Improve Your SEO Positioning

Original content

Although this seems obvious, we wanted to emphasize it. Google heavily penalizes “copycats”, to put it mildly. It discovers that there are two or more duplicate contents and will penalize the second one who has copied that information on the Internet.

However, you may be thinking but can’t I put absolutely nothing on my website that is repeated? Imagine that you have been interviewed and you want to copy it literally on your website. In this case, Google would penalize you, so the solution could be to take a screenshot and enter it as an image on your website.

In order to be clear about when Google will penalize us, it is 20%. If in a post we insert a famous phrase of some author, there will be no problem, because it will be less than 20%. But you know, be careful with more than 20%.

Greater time on page per visit

Another way Google knows which web pages are the best is the time spent on the site. If it detects that your users spend a lot of time on your website, it will benefit you by improving your position in the rankings.

What can we do so that users don’t leave the site quickly? Mainly, that our website is optimized and we have good content, just what they demand. Also, we can increase the time with videos and images, for example.

Because as users, we are usually in a hurry, and when we scan a page or post, we only stop if we see something that catches our attention. Therefore, if we use computer graphics and videos, there is a greater chance that the user will stop and increase the time spent on our website.

Linked content

What does this mean? That from our website we link to other sites, social networks, other posts, etc. Both internal and external links. And also when our website is linked from other sites: other blogs on our subject that find our content interesting, other websites that recommend us, all our social networks should lead to our website, etc.

But watch out for this. It is very important that these links are good, it is not worthwhile that a website in another language, with malicious content, viruses, or without any content links to us. In fact, if Google discovers a huge amount of linked content, from places not related to our topic, it will penalize us.

We have to take into account the broken links, since it may not have been broken the first time we wrote it, the web has changed its domain, has disappeared, etc. Therefore, we must analyze the volume of broken links and correct them.


Obviously, if you want to position yourself with certain keywords, these should be in many parts of your website or blog. Where? Above all, in titles and subtitles, in the first 200 words of the text, throughout the text in bold or italics, in the meta-description, in the title and alternative text of the images, and of course in the URL (They must be short and friendly).

In addition to being in many parts, you must analyze how much you are going to repeat them. Ideally, these keywords should repeat 0.5% throughout the text. There are numerous tools that calculate your keyword percentage.

But what words do we choose? Of course, closely related to your subject, but we must carry out a study of keywords to analyze which words have a higher search volume since those will be the ones we use to position ourselves. One tool you can use to analyze keywords is the Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

Use subheadings

This is very important to make our users an easier and more enjoyable read, and do not run away from our blog when seeing so much text together. Therefore, use subtitles, bold, italic, line spacing, images, etc. All of this will ensure that it is easily scannable and quick to read.


Another way to gain SEO positioning and visibility is to make posts in which we mention other bloggers, people, or companies. And of course, that they are professionals in their sector and with many working relationships (keep in mind that you are recommending them).

Write valuable content

Obviously, this is one of the most important aspects of SEO positioning. If you write and share only the commercial content of your company, they will not share it, they will not interact, etc. So Google will understand that it is not good content, and will not rank you.

Although at first, you think it is not relevant for your company to write a blog, rethink it, it is a simple way to generate valuable content, to make yourself known, and position your brand.

Blog as a guest

Another great way to get to know and position your brand or blog is to write on other blogs as a guest. There are numerous blogs that allow you to write on them, following some guidelines that indicate you. In this way, you make yourself known and these blogs, which have thousands of followers, share you and help you position yourself since by leaving the URL of your blog you are gaining internal links.

Responsive website design

What does this mean? It adapts perfectly to any device, be it a mobile, tablet, e-book reader, pc, television, etc. This has become one of the most important requirements that Google indicates to be able to position yourself favorably since currently, most users navigate with a mobile or tablet. So if our website is not responsive, visitors will leave immediately, generating a high bounce rate.

A very useful tool to analyze if your website is responsive is Screen Fly. In it, you can change devices to see how your page would be displayed in each one of them. You must analyze that the buttons are not too small, the photos also adapt and do not occupy the entire screen, you do not have to use your fingers to enlarge because the letter is very small, etc.

Evergreen content

To guarantee a good SEO positioning you must write evergreen content, no breaking news. Because current news will stop receiving searches in a short time, and although you receive a large number of searches quickly, then it will be worthless content, as it is obsolete.

Also, if you want to position yourself by writing news, you will be competing with major brands of newspapers, magazines, etc. which is very hard.

Likewise, although we write evergreen content, we must take into account the updates that may occur over time. For example, if you make a ranking of the best mobile applications, you should be aware of whether any stop working, change their name or stop being the best.

Youtube videos

I mentioned earlier that it is highly recommended to place videos on our pages and blogs because it increases the time spent on the web. But, from which platform do we link the videos? The ideal one is Youtube, because being from Google this will help the positioning in your search engine.

Similarly, it is not advisable to upload videos directly to our website, because this will slow down the operation, the loading speed and reduce storage space.

Another platform for linking videos would be Vimeo, another social network that is currently on the rise and that many people prefer in comparison to Youtube.

Fast Web Pages

The big mystery, how do we get a higher loading speed for our website? The main point to consider is the theme we use, followed by how many plugins we have installed. We must analyze if we really use all of them, or if we prefer to replace one that slows down the load for another one that is more suitable.

The other main reason that makes our website load slowly are the images, we must optimize them as much as possible. Place images with the exact pixels they need, images that weigh little but are of good quality, etc. A great online tool to reduce the weight of our images without decreasing the quality is Tinypng.

How do I analyze the loading time of my website? There are many websites that analyze it, but without a doubt, the best one is GTmetrix. If you exceed the 6 seconds of loading time, you must check what makes your web slow down and optimize it to the maximum.

Links to anchor texts

What are anchor texts? When we link content, we can simply hyperlink the URL in a few relevant words. If you click on it, it directs you to the web page that has the link. This word or set of words is the anchor text.

To improve SEO positioning, it is more convenient to link to these anchor texts and of course, that these texts are keywords of the web page we are linking to. It is not the same to link by saying “this page” as to link by saying “this SEO guide” since you are giving valuable information regarding the web page you want to take the user to.

Likewise, it is convenient to vary the anchor texts, not always using the same ones. Since Google could penalize these links.

Transcribed multimedia content

As I mentioned before, it is very convenient to place multimedia content (videos, images, etc.) on our website or in our posts. However, Google does not understand what appears in that content, and there may still be users who prefer to read than watch a video. Therefore, it is very important to transcribe the multimedia content.

In addition, you get much more time of permanence, many more keywords, longer content, etc. that as we have mentioned before, it is very important to get a good SEO ranking.

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