10 Tips To Promote Your Business with Instagram

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Learn how to promote your business on the fastest growing social network in the world, Instagram. Among so many users, this social network is a great space for targeted campaigns. It is necessary to define and get to know your audience as much as possible, besides having a good digital marketing strategy. Instagram has become one of the preferred social networks to promote a brand and engage with customers.

10 Tips on How to Promote Your Business on Instagram

With all this information, will you still be out of this market? Don’t waste any more time and promote your business on Instagram. Check below, the ten tips to promote your business successfully in this social network.

1) Turn your Instagram into an Online Magazine of Your Business

There is no point in creating an Instagram Profile and only pushing posts on sales of your products and services to your customer. People connect with stories and are interested in the content. So think that of your Instagram Profile as a magazine with several sections. Make a schedule for your daily publications and use Hootsuite to schedule your publications. Create a content schedule that assures that you provide exciting content at the peak activity time of your target audience.

For example: if you deal with fashion merge your sales posts with tips on how to combine pieces of clothing, make postings of looks of the day, publish something of humor, current affairs, motivation and of course always be relating these postings to your universe of performance.

2) Create a username

It is essential that the name is easily recognized and found by your client, it is recommended that you use the name of your company. If the name is already being used, use signs (dot, underline, dash) to create a profile that identifies your business. Your username is your identity!


3) Match your Profile with Your Company

  • Put a nice picture with your company logo.
  • Make a simple and direct biography of what your company does. The tip here is: make topics and use emoticons in your profile description.
  • Bring traffic to your other channels, add link to your website or fan page in your bio. If you have other channels like YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat or Pinterest, a mention on your profile may also be nice.


4) Commercial Instagram Profile

The process is simple, go to your account settings and click on “Change to commercial profile”, link the account with your Facebook fan page and have access to the business Instagram platform.

In the commercial profile, you can follow the profile of the users who are following you and analyze the best time to publish your photos and videos. In addition, it is possible to add a button “Contact us” in your biography, where you can put your phone, email, and address. Making life easier for the customer who wants to contact you.


5) Hashtags Usage and Link Creation to Your Posts

On Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags per post. What that means? You have 30 opportunities to appear in the search for a user on a certain subject. So, it is essential that you use hashtags related to your business.

The tip is that you study which hashtags are being searched the most in your segment. You can use more general hashtags that have many mentions on Instagram, for example, #marketing, #startup, #innovation, as well as more regional hashtags, for example, #SEO, #Marketing, #Blogging. The cool thing is that you can create a hashtag of your business and post it on your profile and publications.

Important to consider: The number of hashtags published per post is common sense, there is no rule.

6) Images, Images, Images !

Images on Instagram are not just essential, they are everything. I repeat: everything! There is no use going to Instagram and publishing low-quality images, poorly made montages, unfavorable angles, this will only burn your brand and make users lose interest in following your profile.

There are applications for those who are unable to hire a professional photographer, which help in editing photos, commercial posts and interesting filters for publications. So check out three of these apps that you can use in your posts below


  • Canva, a real hand on the wheel for those with a commercial profile, with it you can create incredible layouts for your posts, using ready-made templates, uploading your photo and editing the text and images as you wish, and you can choose the network social you want to publish. You can use it on your computer or download it on IOS or Android.
  • Enlightapp – this image editor is paid, but it is very worthwhile for those who want to produce photos different from the conventional and quickly on their cell phone. In addition, they offer some tutorials on the application’s own Instagram profile @enlightapp. It can download on IOS or Android.
  • Snapseed – In it, you can edit photos for free and put several filters. It is worthwhile to lighten that image that came out darker or gives that retro tone to your photo. But, no exaggeration in the filters you saw !? It can download on IOS or Android.

7) The Importance of Follower Connection and Interaction

People who connect with the brand, expect it to be close and somehow connected to them. Users interact, like, comment, share, replicate posts and hashtags, so take the time to connect with your customers. Below some tasks can bring more engagements to your business:

  • Enjoy some photos of your followers every day.
  • Respond to comments in all your publications.
  • Mention your customers when replying to posts.
  • Comment on the photos of your followers.
  • Mention influential people in your media in publications: Bloggers, Celebrities, Partner stores, YouTubers, etc.


8) Authenticity and Creativity

Use photos of your product and compositions of other elements for your posts, improvise, abuse creativity in actions that will connect people to your business:


  • Create short videos of your daily life, you can use applications like “filmoraGo” and edit your video with texts, speed up or leave in slow motion, the application is free and available for IOS and Android;
  • Collect testimonials from your customers;
  • Post photos of customers using your products ;
  • Tell the story of your brand through photos that show the essence of your business;
  • Post photos of your team in moments of fun.


Another tip is to tell a story a day on Instagram Stories, remembering that every story has it’s own storyline: beginning, middle, and end. Therefore, do not publish separate stories that confuse the client’s head with loose and disconnected elements.


9) More Followers means More Success

It is very common for people with a lot of followers to publish profiles of third parties using the exchange, which is nothing more than winning the product or service in exchange for disclosure. In some cases, a fee is charged per post. Then identify the people who are important to your business on Instagram and also:

  • List regional bloggers, partner companies, opinion makers, celebrities and look for ways to partner to publicize your business.
  • Create sweepstakes, hashtags, and partner with other profiles.

It is also important to list your business competitors and follow their profile and see which style of photos has the most likes and comments, how they offer content to the client and even the hashtags they are using. After that, it is bringing the information to your reality and creating your own identity and means of relating to customers on Instagram.


10) The Importance of Customers’ Personas

That’s right, create a profile of your ideal customer or the buyer persona. Put age, profession, habits, lifestyle, needs, problems and name your client. Create some avatars of the possible customers of your business, the idea is that you create between 3 to a maximum of 5 customer profiles so that you do not diversify your publications too much and leave the value proposition of your business too much.

The personas of your business are all of your customers who have different problems (pains), and it is up to you through your posts to bring the specific solution (remedy) for each of these personas.

Did you like this article? And do you already use Instagram in your business? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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