10 Tips To Make Your Site Easy For Mobile Browsing

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To increase the number of hits on your product or business website, it is essential to invest in the mobile version. The version for cell phones, tablets and the like allows for a leaner and faster view of the information sought. With that in mind, we’ve prepared 10 tips to make your site much easier and more enjoyable for mobile browsing. Let’s check it out?

1. Simplicity

Keep the page simple by choosing attractive summaries. But always allow access to the complete content, using links that lead to specific pages, for example.

2. Be concise

Go straight to the topics most sought after by your customers. Mobile technology users are always looking for the greatest amount of information in the shortest possible time. Speed is one of the keys to the success of your mobile page;

3. Entry to the mobile version

Create tools that allow access to the mobile version automatically. It is important that this access requires the identification of the equipment and the place from which the content is being accessed, or even that it allows the customer to quickly choose the version he wants to use.

4. Context Check

Create a page according to the context of your product and the intended publication of the page. If the intention, for example, is online sales, make it easy to fill out the registration form for the purchase and add items to the shopping basket so that the purchase becomes quick and practical;

5. Size

Avoid very long texts, they tend not to be attractive. Prefer short but well-written texts. Content marketing companies can assist with this task.

6. Visual identity

Create a visual in which, in a simple way, your brand is immediately recognized. This highlights the image of the company, the product, and denotes concern and respect for the brand.

7. Don’t overload

Avoid items that can overload the page. If the page takes too long to load on some devices, the customer can simply give up access. Look for practical and lightweight elements for mobile.

8. Be clear

Going straight to the point is fundamental to the attractiveness of your page. Be objective: this is what those who access content via mobile are looking for.

9. Appearance

With the help of professionals in the field, check the appearance and general layout of the website. Many links and pop-ups are not always welcome as they generate visual pollution and difficulty accessing certain devices.

10. Compatibility test

Make sure your page is compatible with the technologies available in the market before putting it on the air.

Do you have any other tips for making a website easy and enjoyable for mobile browsing? Share them with us in the comments below!

Make sure that your page is compatible with the technologies available on the market before putting it on the air.

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